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A bit of history

  • 40 years with you

    Glassline originates from the 40 years-experience in the glass market of two families, which are historically committed in the market of glass containers. It chooses to develop in the heart of the Bormida Valley, a crossroad between Liguria and Piemonte, which represents the origins of its founders. These latters have always been known for their ability to innovate and in particular for introducing customised and personalised containers into the relevant market. Some special containers are now big classics, such as the bottles ARA and WILLY, which represent a must-have in the sector, as well as two pillars for the Italian glass design.We are extremely proud that many containers which are now spread all over the world originated from our pencils.
    The present mission of our company, which always innovates taking into account the past, is to further develop its services of design and logistics strategies. This aim is pursued through a continuous investment in innovation, research and logistics.

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