our philosophy

Every day we promote:

  • full focus on our customers
  • young, dynamic and research-oriented company style
  • Teambuilding and strong relations with our partners and suppliers

Glassline does not offer simply containers, but a full customer-oriented service, which is able to vary from the design and creation of the objects to planning of logistics and storage solutions, which are always set up according to the customer’s exigencies.

Learn, innovate, and spread the voice

Every day we seek to increase our knowledge of packaging solutions. We are constantly oriented towards innovative thinking. We are able to detect the obstacles that limit our creativity and the crucial factors that enhance it.  In that way our design embodies contemporaneity and reflects innovations occurring in Italy and worldwide.

Small businesses, big dreams

Glassline strongly supports small and medium business in the agricultural, agroindustrial and enological business. Being perfectly able to supply large and very large companies, we however seek to bring the culture of customized packaging also to small and medium ones. The study of the design, the customised planning and the top quality productions are now accessible to everyone!

We promote excellence

Glassline aims to support young talented designers through the Aldo Loda design award.


We are committed to providing customers with service of the highest possible level of quality. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times. See certificates ->

How can we help you?

Our staff is here to support you, answer questions you may have and provide you with a quote tailored on your needs.